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Flotte Biene Sabienchens Honig

Customer: Langnese

Year: 2016

Working for the German market leader ‘Langnese Honig’, we designed a children’s edition based on the ‘Flotte Biene’ range of honey.

Flotte Biene Bio / Fairtrade

The line extension for organic and Fairtrade products from the Flotte Biene range was created by us in various flavours.

Retrodesign (90-year anniversary)

90-year anniversary: We had the honour of designing the limited ‘Nostalgia Edition’. We recreated the honey classics ‘Sommerblüte/Goldklar’ (‘Summer Blossom/Clear Gold’) and ‘Landhonig/Goldcremig’ (‘Country Honey/Creamy Gold’) in the historical design from 1927.