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Packaging Design

Customer: Eisbär Eis GmbH

Year: 2002 –

We know a thing or two about ICE CREAM:

The Eisbär brand is an expert in ice cream, producing throughout Europe. The Mini Magic ice cream packaging design was supported by mouth-watering photos of product-related images to illustrate the tasty, chocolatey and fruity varieties on offer.

Packaging Design

There are many different tastes, sizes and shapes for which we have created matching designs. Fruity and colourful packaging designs were used for variety coding.

Packaging Design

The packaging design for the Mini Smoothies featured refreshing, fruity illustrations to draw attention to the flavours found in the ice cream treats both large and small.

Packaging Design

The ‘Eisbär Ghost’ packaging was given a delightful happy horror look thanks to our unusual design.

Packaging Design Disney Lizenzen

We work in close cooperation with our licence partners to create packaging – in this case Disney – for which we also design the shape of the ice cream.